Second Party Auditing

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Supplier and Prospective Supplier Auditing

ASR Second Party AuditingA second party audit is carried out on a potential or current supplier by a purchasing organization.  The purpose is to use the audit result as part of the purchasing decision - a factor to conform to clause 7.4.1 of ISO 9001.

ASR audits your suppliers or preforms  the requested second party audit.

In this time of lean operations, it is good to know competent auditors are available to meet your second party audit needs.

Here are the steps of a Second Party Audit
  1. Purchaser considers purchasing from supplier and sets up audit
  2. Decides to audit
  3. Audit carried out and reported
  4. If outcome successful then, order placed
  5. Follow-up
American Systems Registrar is positioned to help organizations conduct audits of suppliers or prospective suppliers. Put ASR's audit expertise, professionalism, and its highly rated customer satisfaction to work for your company.

Contact ASR directly toll-free at 888-891-9002 or 616-942-6273.Request a quote for a review or an ISO standards audit

Heat Treating, Plating, Surface Finisher Audits

AIAG Heat Treating Finishing Standard Audits by ASRIf you are a heat treater, plating or surface finisher, you should know ASR has the expertise to effectively audit the AIAG CQI 9, 11 or 12 special processes.

ASR helps you understand the process requirements your organization needs to follow to develop a heat treat management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain. With ASR, will allow you to meet regulatory requirements and identify areas of improvement while enhancing customer satisfaction.

An ASR CQI audit can help your organization to improve its processes while meeting the AIAG requirements.

Contact ASR directly toll-free at 888-891-9002 or 616-942-6273.Request a quote for a review or an ISO standards audit

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