Total Productive Maintenance - Major Non Conformance Findings

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As of October 2017, the top major findings were with Total Productive Maintance in the IATF 16949 certification audits.

IAOB released the top 10 major and minor IATF 16949 findings as of August 2017. Total Productive Maintenance ranked number two as a major finding, and number one as a minor finding.

This top billing prompts a review of the TPM requirements, examples of possible documented evidence, and differences that cause a major or minor TPM finding.

IATF 16949:2016 requirements for (TPM) were expanded beyond those found in ISO/TS 16949 and can be split into planning and action. Comments highlighted in bold are only suggestions of items an organization could include to meet requirements.

Planning (requirements paraphrased):

a) Identification of process equipment – (possibly list of equipment in preventive maintenance program)

b) Availability of spare parts for equipment listed in (a) above – (in-house parts or parts identified at the distributor or manufacturer of the equipment)

c) Provision for resources for machines, equipment, and facility maintenance – (probably in-house and manufacture/service organizations' employee training records and contractor information)

d) Packaging and preservation of all equipment, tooling and gauging

e) Applicable customer -specific requirements.

j) Overhauls of equipment as scheduled events – (probably inside of preventive
maintenance schedule or separate listing)

Operation of TPM program (requirements paraphrased:

f) Documented maintenance objectives: examples from standard - OEE, MTBF, MTTR and preventive maintenance objectives - These are inputs to management review. Notice the "and" in the standard. This indicates two metrics at a minimum - TPM and preventive maintenance attainment.

g) Regular review of the maintenance plan and documented action, plan when objectives are not achieved.

h) Preventive maintenance methods - (must have objectives and goals. See f)

i) Predictive maintenance methods as applicable.

Potential NCs:

Major Non-conformances

1. Having a plan, but no activity, no metrics reviewed in management review

2. Implemented TPM system but all metrics are below goal and no action is being taken to correct

Minor Non-conformances

1. Overhauls not a scheduled event

2. Presenting a PM plan stating it covers all TPM events

3. No TPM metrics - just PM attainment

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